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Welcome GAMES Magazine Readers!; Updates

Ah, the power of the web. In two days I have gotten two emails from people (Phil C., and Leslie S.) asking me questions about my copy of href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0609804618/qid=926104451/sr=1-2/002-7724834-3437453">The
Onion: Our Dumb Century
. Long time readers may, for some reason, recall that two years I quoted several SF related headlines one entry when I needed something besides complaining about editors and how slow they were in getting back to me. Well, it turns out that a recent issue of GAMES Magazine is using one of those headlines as part of a trivia game. If I may be permitted to quote Phil,

"What page number does the "Nosferatu Elected Chancellor of Germany" story CONTINUE on, supposedly, according to the
newspaper story it is written as?"
This is very bizarre. In order to save other GAMES readers
the trouble of emailing me and hoping I'll answer, I've modified my original entry to provide them the info they need.

Updates from elsewhere in my life:

  • Got some good stuff for Christmas this year. Among the highlights were gift cards to Home Depot (one of which I used to buy fire extinguishers), a performance fleece jacket, Monty Python & the Holy Grail on DVD, and The
    Simpsons edition Monopoly
    . Hee!

  • We're finally mostly unpacked, except for a few straggling boxes here and there. Place looks good - and empty. Seems we'll have to go buy more furniture soon, or start renting out rooms.

  • My surgery from September seems to have been a success. The doctor declared the results "as good as he could have hoped for." Phew. The only major side effect I'd noticed was a strangely numb patch of skin, in a fortunately out of the way place (as opposed to a hand or foot, you perverts!). But sensation there seems to be coming back slowly, which means the nerve was only stretched and not cut. Double phew.

  • Did manage to see the Lord of the Rings. Now currently planning to see it again and again (and possibly again). Another movie I recommend: Ocean's Eleven. Very good, and very funny.