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Everything Happens At Once

It's true, you know. We moved into the new house this past weekend. 90% of our stuff is here, and the remaining 10% at the old apartment falls into the categories of a) not immediately necessary to have, and b) small enough to fit into a car for later transport. I've now got the office setup, more or less (the basic layout, that is: tables here, lamp here, and shelves lining the other two walls). In addition, we've also had blinds, a garage door opener, a fridge, and DISH network installed. I feel quite high tech.

But while I was out, I heard back from a number of places: Brutarian (rejected without any real comment), Adhoc (which according to its now former fiction editor is no longer publishing any fiction that he knows of, so a rejection by default), Pif (which apparentally lost my first submission from way back in February, but is letting me submit it again directly to the editors), and Elysian Fiction (which bought my story with the long title: "Thief, Witch, Sorcerer, Dragon, Book.") Details on that last one to follow, as soon as I hear back from them.

Oh, and Monday (the 10th) was my birthday. I ached all over from lugging furniture up stairs, running errands, and returning rented moving equipment. I hadn't had a birthday that unbirthday-ish since I was an undergrad, and had to take two finals one birthday. Ah well.