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Sale With Contract, And Stuff

Thanks to everyone who sent their sympathies about Miles. Always appreciated.

After a long drought, some writing news: a few days ago I sold a trio of poems to Speculon for their upcoming humor issue. They sold as a batch, which is fine by me. It isn't like they're sonnets, or sestinas, or something along those lines. Oh no. They're double dactyls, which remind me of the limerick, only more obscure and not particularly Irish. Tim is all over it, I must say. Got the contracts & payment in the mail today, which was very welcome.

In other news, today was a bit of a mixed bag. This morning Lisa and I had a very good meeting with our mortgage lender, in which she said very nice things about us and our credit. We got some details finalized which lower our monthly payments even more. This afternoon, however, I had a flat tire coming home from work. Managed to get off the Interstate with no problem, but the cost of the tow truck (didn't have a jack) and a new tire makes me wonder about what my karma score is.