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Miles T. CatNo writing news, just personal. And rather sad. Cat lovers wishing to avoid being bummed out should stop reading and come back later.

We had to put our cat Miles to sleep Monday night (or Tuesday morning, if you want to be technical). He'd been sick for a while. Saturday afternoon he collapsed in the hallway, gasping for breath, and Lisa had to rush him to the vet. They put him in an oxygen cage (same principle as an oxygen tent, only it looks like a big aquarium with a cat in it) and tried to figure out what the problem was. Lots of theories: pneumonia, heart disease, cancer, polyp in the throat, etc., but a lack of real information. Miles was a big cat, and did not like vets AT ALL. Right after we adopted him he spent a week at the vet school in intensive care being poked and prodded. Needless to say, this colored his attitudes towards vets quite a bit. He never bit or clawed, but he wouldn't hold still either (unlike the others, who usually adopt a Gandhi-esque technique of passive resistance, but with pitiful meowing). We kept waiting and hoping he'd calm down, but no luck. The vet called Monday and said he was going downhill fast. So we went and said goodbye, and then that was it. The other cats seem to be keeping closer than ever, particularly Virginia, who was his regular snuggling buddy.

Damn but he was a good cat. I miss him.