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Home Of Elvis And The Ancient Greeks

Had to make an unscheduled trip to Memphis for a funeral. Lisa's grandfather passed away, and we made the trip out there to pay our respects. It was a side of her family (most of whom) I've never met in all our years of togetherness. It was good we went. Lest you think this strange, my having not met much of her mother's family, I'd just like to say she's got a whole big blended family thing going on there. There's always someone else to meet, unlike my family, which is very small. And I still haven't met all of them. There's still her father's folks in Fort Smith. Ya know books that give family trees in the front (like some of Julian May's, or Katherine Kurtz) and they've got a whole bunch of people in the family? I always thought they did that just to have lots of characters. Well, Lisa's family is like that one of those. Lots of characters, with all sorts of interesting dynamics.