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Beware The Book Review

Today is Columbus Day! A day of pride, shame, or bitterness, depending on your heritage. In my case, it's annoyance, since there's no mail today.

In other news, I just finished Stephen King's new book, On Writing. Very interesting read for a how to write book, since it isn't just about how he writes. Oh, that stuff is in there, if you're curious (i.e, it takes him about three months to finish a draft, he does two drafts and a polish, and he rarely knows how the book is going to end when he starts it - which might explain why I've think his novels sometimes end on an unsatisfactory note). But there's also stuff about his personal life (didja know he's a recovering alcoholic and a reformed coke head? I didn't), and he also talks about the accident last year. That part is especially surreal, and actually a little heartbreaking. On the other hand, I've turned into a big milksop these days, so maybe you'll have a different impression. On the whole, I recommend it quite highly. Two thumbs up and more (if I had more thumbs).