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Weird Tales Praises But Passes, And An Announcement

A 43 day personalized response from Weird Tales. While they liked my recent submission, they thought it left too much unanswered. Also noted a couple technical problems deep inside the pages, so that means they read it. Always nice to hear.

On a more immediately personal note, it looks like I'm having surgery in a couple weeks. I recently saw a specialist for a problem discovered in a recent physical, and he says I'm going to have to have this taken care of. Without going too much into it (read here: I'm not telling you what it is), this one of those conditions only gets worse over time, and the long-term consequences of letting it go would be really bad (really really really bad). So there you are. I'm pleased I'll be getting repaired, and nervous, of course. Let's face it, there are risks involved with being cut open, even under controlled circumstances. I've had surgery before (wisdom teeth, tonsils), but that was back when I was young and immortal. I'm still young, but my immortality had to be returned to the shop. Sigh. Tentative date is September 18th, although that may change depending on scheduling with the hospital. More later.