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September 25, 2001

Polite Pass From Future Orbits

A 29 day short personalized rejection from Future Orbits. Took longer this time around (although response time is still quite good), and he seemed to like this story more than the last one. Hmm.

September 21, 2001

Back On My (Ouch) Feet

Well, I'm recovered, mostly. At least I'm up and moving around again. Spent the last two days mostly on my back, with occasional periods of rolling over on one side or the other, all this to the accompaniment of snuggling cats. Got a follow up appointment next week with the doctor to learn how things went overall. I'm hopeful; I don't particularly want to go through this anytime soon. My thanks to those of you who sent me email, or just generally wished me well. It seems to have worked. Oh, and while I was laid up, a 22 day personal reject from Strange Horizons.

Later: The mail brings a long-delayed (221 days) form reject response from Century. Better late than never, I suppose.

September 17, 2001

Awkward No From SciFi.com

After getting home from work this evening (I had to trade some reference desk shifts around to clear my schedule for the time I'd miss; as a result, I'm working Monday night instead of my usual Thursday), I found a 21 day rejection from SciFi.com. It's your basic say-nothing rejection, and quite likely a form, but it certainly didn't read like it. It's very short:

Thank you for sending your story to SCIFI.COM. I'm afraid we don't feel we can use it for our website. Sorry.
For some reason that second line sounds a little odd to me. Incidentally, as you may recall, tomorrow is my surgery. Time got pushed back to 3:45, so a couple hours before my parents are going to come over and go with me and Lisa to the hospital. They'll sit around for a few hours, then take me back in my anesthesia addled fog. Very exciting for them, I'm sure. I'm feeling quite relaxed about the whole thing, by the way. My only complaint is that I didn't have any caffeine today (supposed to keep hydrated), so I've got a bit of a headache. Feh.

September 12, 2001


The following links may be of interest to anyone wanting more information from official sources:

For unofficial news, check with your favorite flavor newsmedia. Everyone's got one, so I'm not going to waste space repeating the links. Anyone wanting to help should check the following links:

September 08, 2001

F&SF's Speedy No

An 11 day rejection from F&SF. This makes thirty-three times they've passed on my stuff, and of those, my twenty-sixth rejection from GVG.

September 07, 2001

Tag Team Publishing

About two and a half years ago I sold a poem, "Universal Language," to Aboriginal Science Fiction. Longtime readers may recall it's been sitting in the forthcoming section of my publications page for quite sometime. Anyway, an announcement came the other day that, due to personal conflicts, Aboriginal SF will be folding up shop. Ah, another magazine I've killed - let me just add this to my list of magazines I've slain. On the bright side, Aboriginal got bought by DNA Publishing a year or so ago, and all of Aboriginal's purchased work will see print. Most of it will be printed in Absolute Magnitude, but some of it might make it to Fantastic, depending on content. As soon as I know which one my poem's going to, I'll let you know.

I'd also like to extend a personal thanks to everyone who wrote to offer support regarding my upcoming surgery. Always nice to get good wishes. If you're morbidly curious, my date is confirmed: September 18th at 3pm ET (2pm Central) is when they start a'cuttin'. Keep that in mind that Tuesday, ok? But my spirits are high (honestly). I've been more concerned about the library instruction session I have to do the day before. So, have no fear.

September 01, 2001

Weird Tales Praises But Passes, And An Announcement

A 43 day personalized response from Weird Tales. While they liked my recent submission, they thought it left too much unanswered. Also noted a couple technical problems deep inside the pages, so that means they read it. Always nice to hear.

On a more immediately personal note, it looks like I'm having surgery in a couple weeks. I recently saw a specialist for a problem discovered in a recent physical, and he says I'm going to have to have this taken care of. Without going too much into it (read here: I'm not telling you what it is), this one of those conditions only gets worse over time, and the long-term consequences of letting it go would be really bad (really really really bad). So there you are. I'm pleased I'll be getting repaired, and nervous, of course. Let's face it, there are risks involved with being cut open, even under controlled circumstances. I've had surgery before (wisdom teeth, tonsils), but that was back when I was young and immortal. I'm still young, but my immortality had to be returned to the shop. Sigh. Tentative date is September 18th, although that may change depending on scheduling with the hospital. More later.