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Neverworlds Pub

All right, so basically I blinked and July ended. I hate it when that happens. Summer classes have ended here at GrowingGrowingU, which means that the university has now gone into slow mode. There aren't any dorms on campus, so we didn't normally have the numbers of people "hanging out" that you see on a lot of colleges, but you can tell the university is quieter than usual. For one thing, it's currently a lot easier to get a parking space.

Neverworlds, after a brief hiatus, is back, with my story "Outlive the Consequences" as the new Story of the Week (and in a related note, the NAW's own Linda J Dunn has the Story of the Month: "Driving Blind in God's Own Country."). One thing I rather like about Neverworlds is that they provide multiple formats for their stories. Straight HTML, yes, but also PDF (for people who like something relatively 'permanent'), a PDA format for your Palm, and an audio version (which sounds vedy interesting). Go check 'em out, whydoncha?