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Houston, We're Totally Hosed

Well, I would've been if I hadn't just did a major backup of things. As you know, at the end of June I wiped my computer and put it back together again (see the June 27th entry for a reminder). For obvious reasons, I had to back everything up. Well, over the weekend the computer died, and I mean died hard. First the system froze, then came strange ticking noises from inside (as tho' there was a team of tiny prison convicts desperately trying to tunnel their way out), wrapping up with the disturbing message "Some data has been lost." Escaped, more like it. All those little files, electronic versions of Steve McQueen, James Garner, and Richard Attenborough, trying to figure a way out of my hard drive. Well, it worked (sort of). Had to get the hard drive replaced; the new one is 30 gigs, which feels so...excessive. But hey, it wasn't that much more expensive than what an equivalent replacement for the original would've cost. And happily all the important files on the machine had been backed up from before. I've lost some email, but that's all right. At least, when I consider the alternatives, it's definitely all right.