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Back In The Saddle Again

Well, the new database is up and the data in place. Found some interesting gaps here and there as well. A story fragment that I've got a title for, as well as a word count of about four hundred words, but that's it. No matching file. Oh well. There were also a number of miscellaneous story fragments (some not much more than a title and a paragraph or two, others several hundred words long) that never got listed, and some records that never got updated. Here's another useful feature of this journal: did I forget when that publisher sent me the check? Or did they even pay me yet? No problem; the journal helped me fill in a few dates that got left off (purely by accident, of course), and now I feel up to date. And that's half the battle.

Now if some of these blasted editors would actually get back in touch with me, I'd be happier. It's been over three weeks since I've heard back from them. C'mon, people! Summer's practically over. Back to work!