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Things Move Closer to Publication

Well, it looks like I'll have a number of things published all at once, depending on various cycles. I've been trading a few emails with one of the editors at Strange Horizons, who says my story "With the Dawn" is tentatively scheduled for the week of June 11th. My poem "Lunchtime" should be released with the Speculon June 15th poetry issue. Neverworlds says they're going to a new format on June 1st, releasing their fiction on a week by week basis (one of which should include my story "Outlive the Consequences"). And now John O'Neill of Black Gate Magazine says my story "Three Nights in Big Rock City" will be in the Summer 2001 issue, to appear in June or July. Their distribution deal has gone through, so it should be available in Borders/Barnes & Nobles. Good heavens. I need to get writing more to replace what's been sold. Poor me. And my diamond shoes are pinching my feet.