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F&SF's New Assistant Editor Says No, Neverworlds Sends the Bucks

An 11 day reject from Andrew Grossman, the new assistant editor of F&SF. His tagline that I'm sure will have all the submitters grasping at straws is: "we look forward to reading your future submissions." It's a polite phrase (you read enough rejection letters and you can tell), but anyone who hasn't gotten many will be thinking, "Did I come close?" Of course, the answer is likely no. Now that there's an assistant editor, that means you'll have come close when Gordon signs your letter. Sigh.

Neverworlds also sent me payment for my story "Outlive the Consequences" (start looking for it in May), but it doesn't improve my mood. Last night some doofus smacked my wife's car in the parking lot, dented the side panel and door, scraped the paint off. Blast it.