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March 31, 2001

Four Funerals And An Engagement

I don't think that Hugh Grant movie would've done as well at the box office if it'd had that title. Hard to do light romantic comedy when everyone's crying about someone having died. Today came a one-day email from Speculon's poetry editor, saying that of a group (5) of poems I sent him, he's passing on four of them, but holding the fifth for further consideration. Hence my overly clever title for this entry.

March 29, 2001

Neverworlds Again

I've started checking my email when I get up in the morning, right before I go to work. Considering I check it right before I go to bed, some might say that's a little obsessive. Fine. Say what you will. But this morning I got an email saying Sullydog and Co. have accepted my story "Outlive the Consequences," making this my second sale to Neverworlds. Another long one for them: 213 days.

March 28, 2001

Not Quite Best

An 29 day email rejection from Best of Dark Fantasy 2000. I'm disappointed, but pleased that I'd gotten a response at all. This was the antho that caused me to whine and moan about the fact that I couldn't buy an IRC (see Feb 27 entry). Ah well. And I did get an invite to submit to another anthology he's putting together, so I'd be a fool (a fool, I say!) to complain too much. Not much else occuring in life. I work, Lisa works, and in between working and sleeping, we live our lives. Simple, eh?

March 22, 2001

And Again

Wow. Today a fortnight form rejection from Crab Orchard Review, for five poems. After, oh, seconds of deliberation, I count them as five rejections. How quickly the stats rise, now that springtime is here.

March 21, 2001

What, Another One?

Jealous of my attention to email, the post office grants me a response today: A 37 form "nope" from Asimov's. Wow. Posting two days in a row. I'd better be careful, or more people will come by and read this. That's the trouble. Provide a little content and next thing you know, people start expecting you to produce more of it.

March 20, 2001

Yes And No

Been slow at the mailbox, but there was news today. Two email responses on this gloomy wet day: a 78 day no from the SFF.net anthology Bones of the World, and a 36 day yes for my story "With the Dawn," from the ezine Strange Horizons. I clap and shout, especially since they pay real rates. They're requesting a few edits, but nothing I can't live with (besides, they've explained their reasoning behind them, and it makes sense to me). Turning out to be a pretty good day, all things considered.

March 06, 2001


A tiny bit of ego inflation here, in a sea of otherwise nothing: I discovered today that one of my stories, "Eater," has actually received a nomination for the Nebula award. Mind you, not the ten needed to make it on the ballot. Just one. Uno. A singleton. Vote flying solo. Despite this, I'm very excited. Why? Because it means someone has read my story and liked it enough to nominate it for an award. Let's face it, novice short story writers don't get a lot of feedback. This, I think, qualifies. I have no real aspirations to win the Nebula (or any other award, for that matter). But Ed McMahon is right: I am already a winner.