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Post Office Makes Me Long To Go Postal

So I went to the post office Monday, to mail a story ("What Price, My Brother") to a "Best of Dark Fantasy" anthology. Since I'm at work, I'm doing this on my lunch hour at the big post office in downtown Atlanta. Since I need to buy a couple IRCs (the editor is living in Sweden and didn't give an email address for reply), I wait in line 45 minutes. After waiting and waiting, I am told that they don't have any IRCs. Fine, I sez, when will you get more in? You don't understand, they reply. The new rate for IRCs hasn't been established (thanks to the postal rate hike), and all the old ones have expired, so we can't sell you any of those. I go back to the office, seething, and call up their customer service people, who pretty much confirm what the first guy told me. In other words, because of a rate hike the Post Office planned out and set their own timetable for, they can't sell me a product that only they can sell because they hadn't planned for it adequately.

This is, without a doubt, one of the stupidest things I've ever heard.