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What Do You Mean, He's Still Alive?

The dangers of counting someone out before you hear for sure. Got email that the Phantastes web site was back in commission, they'd picked a winner, and they were once again open for business. I didn't win (oh well), but I'm glad to hear the site didn't just vanish. That's one thing I find annoying about WWW Land: it can be a little too variable.

Not much else to report. I'm working on a story for an anthology I was asked to submit to (my first invitation only - I am making progress) and I'm trying to get that finished before the deadline. It's at the end of January, but the editors said they could be a little flexible, so I've got a little wiggle room. I'll let you know what happens after it happens.

Oh, and I got a new book on writing in the mail. This one is Ron's favorite sage, Mike Resnick, and it's called Putting It Together. You could get it from Amazon, Barnes&Noble or some other bookstore outlet, or straight from the publisher, Wildside Press.