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A Trilogy: Will I Ever Hear From Interzone Again?, NASA Shows Off, and My First Con

After a careful review of my files, there are about four stories I haven't heard from that have insufficient postage on them. I'm not sure at this point who I'm more annoyed at: the post office, for raising their rates (again), or those four editors, for sitting on these stories for so long. One of them is PNH of the notoriously tardy Starlight antho. Sigh. I might have to send out some followup letters. More wasted postage.

On a cooler note, I'd like you to follow this NASA link. It's a very cool picture of the Earth completely shrouded in darkness, lit up only by the streetlights. (Before you ask, it's a composite of satellite image, OK? As far as I know, NASA doesn't have the budget to turn off the sun) Very interesting, seeing where things are and aren't lit up.

Finally, I'm going to my first con this weekend, Chattacon. It's in Chattanooga just over the border, making it convenient to my area, it's got some reasonable guests (David Brin, James Patrick Kelly, S. M. Stirling, and possibly Glen Cook), and the wife's going out of town. I need something to do. I'll let you know how it goes. Or, if you're there and you happen to see me, wander over and say hi. I'm sure I'll be pleased to have some human contact.