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December 31, 2000

Happy New Year's

Another year down, another year farther into the future. It's been quite a year for everyone, I know (mine has certainly brought a number of changes: new job, new house, new publications, and a bunch more rejections). My sympathies for your losses, and congratulations on your successes.

December 28, 2000

Glimmer Train Reject

A 169 day checkbox reject from Glimmer Train. Looks like editors are struggling to return my envelopes before postage goes up. How sweet.

December 26, 2000

Boxing Day Gift From Interzone

The English celebrate that holiday there across the Pond, don't they? Oh, sure they do. At 167 days, a form rejection from Mr. Pringle. It's a curious little note - looks like the product of one of those word processors from the late 80's, with the font a little smaller than normal and centered oddly, the ink a dark blue rather than the crisper black of a laser printer or a photocopier.

How's everyone's holidays treating them? Good, not so good? Mine's all right - my major objection is that I only had one day off. Had to go back to work today. Aargh. Now I miss academia.

December 23, 2000

Festivus Gift From Aboriginal

At 46 days, a checkbox rejection form from Aboriginal Science Fiction. Still haven't gotten my Starlight reject yet, but I'm betting it had to go through Iowa first. Ah, mail forwarding at Christmas...

December 18, 2000

Pass From Realms

A 95 day rejection from Realms of Fantasy, the blue form. Peh.

December 17, 2000

Happy Festivus, Er, Birthday

Today is my sister-in-law Lisa's 21st birthday. Yes, this is my wife's sister, Lisa. Yes, they're both named Lisa. No, don't ask me why. *Sigh*.

Yesterday I had the good fortune to attend a book signing, my very first. It was a twofer promoting the release of Michael Bishop's new collection, Blue Kansas Sky, and a collection by an up-and-coming author, Andy Duncan, entitled Beluthahatchie. I bought a copy of each and got autographs, then did a little chatting. They're both very nice guys, very friendly and easy to talk to. I've loved Michael Bishop's stuff ever since Count Geiger's Blues, and I've seen some of Duncan's stories in Asimov's. Most excellent.

December 09, 2000

Black Gate Comes Back

A 59 day email rejection from Black Gate. Good God, I was beginning to think that all the editors had all crept away when I wasn't looking. He says he thought it was fine for its type, but Black Gate is trying to establish itself as a "sword & sorcery" kinda pub. Fine by me. I love that sorta thing. And a lot of what I've written that's seen print has been that sort of thing. So...