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OK, I Was Wrong - MicroAnthology Sale

All right, so I was a little premature in declaring my Micro Anthology story rejected. Tonight I got an email from David Kopaska-Merkel that he was accepting my short-short "Start Spreading the News" for the fantasy section of the book. Fabulous. Now all they need is a publisher, and I'll start getting excited.

Incidentally, I was wondering if anyone happened to know of a good source (print, web, person, whatever) for identifying oriental weaponry. I went to an auction over the weekend and bought what appears to be a Chinese sword (either a Gim or a Jian, not sure which). I've got no illusions that it's really old (part of the hilt is held on with your basic threaded nut and bolt), but it doesn't look like a reproduction or a movie prop. More like something ceremonial from the 19th or early 20th century. Hilt and scabbard are mahogany and brass, and the blade is interestingly engraved with patterns and Chinese characters. I'll be happy to provide some pictures if anyone is interested or has any ideas about what it could be. It's definitely a wallhanger, though.