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Hi, Thanks for Coming

Not much hath occurred with me, writing-wise, since I last posted. No new rejections, no new stories started/finished/revised, nothing. I've got several things out that I'm overdue to hear from, but beyond that, little is going on. Most of my energies have been concentrated at getting the hang of the Day Job. Not so much the job, actually, as the commute. I have to be there by 8am, so I have to leave the house by 6:45am. My commute takes an hour, but if I leave any later, traffic will get even heavier and I'll be late getting to the rail station, which means I won't find a parking space, etc. Sigh. I wish Atlanta had a real mass transit system. At any rate, I'll soon get adjusted and then I'll get back to the scribbling (I've got time sitting on the train to kill after all).