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Back Online, And What'd We Miss?

A six day hiatus in online access. Why? Last Friday someone out in Phone Company Land does major damage to the main cable, and down goes the phone. When I call, Bellsouth says it'll be possibly as long as the following Wednesday to get it fixed. Fine, say I. Wednesday comes, still no phone. Voice mail works, however, but it can't be accessed. Again I call Bellsouth, and this time they say that according to their records, our phone should be working. Finally, this morning it's back in business. Get home, check the voicemail, and guess what? There's a message from Sunday afternoon, from Bellsouth. It says, and I quote, "This is Bellsouth calling to see if your phone is working again. Since we got your voicemail, we'll assume everything is working fine!" That's brilliant, simply brilliant.

Only new development, rejection-wise: a fortnighter from F&SF.