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November 30, 2000

Back Online, And What'd We Miss?

A six day hiatus in online access. Why? Last Friday someone out in Phone Company Land does major damage to the main cable, and down goes the phone. When I call, Bellsouth says it'll be possibly as long as the following Wednesday to get it fixed. Fine, say I. Wednesday comes, still no phone. Voice mail works, however, but it can't be accessed. Again I call Bellsouth, and this time they say that according to their records, our phone should be working. Finally, this morning it's back in business. Get home, check the voicemail, and guess what? There's a message from Sunday afternoon, from Bellsouth. It says, and I quote, "This is Bellsouth calling to see if your phone is working again. Since we got your voicemail, we'll assume everything is working fine!" That's brilliant, simply brilliant.

Only new development, rejection-wise: a fortnighter from F&SF.

November 19, 2000

Hi, Thanks for Coming

Not much hath occurred with me, writing-wise, since I last posted. No new rejections, no new stories started/finished/revised, nothing. I've got several things out that I'm overdue to hear from, but beyond that, little is going on. Most of my energies have been concentrated at getting the hang of the Day Job. Not so much the job, actually, as the commute. I have to be there by 8am, so I have to leave the house by 6:45am. My commute takes an hour, but if I leave any later, traffic will get even heavier and I'll be late getting to the rail station, which means I won't find a parking space, etc. Sigh. I wish Atlanta had a real mass transit system. At any rate, I'll soon get adjusted and then I'll get back to the scribbling (I've got time sitting on the train to kill after all).

November 09, 2000

New Day Job

After six months of unemployment (that is, being unemployed, not collecting unemployment), I've finally secured a new job. Starting this Monday I will be a reference librarian for the Environmental Protection Agency's Region 4 library. For all the talk I've heard about the economy's good and jobs are plentiful, I'd have to say that's not necessarily so. But hey, I'm working in my field (and that's what I sucked up all those student loans for), so I'm happy.

November 06, 2000

OK, I Was Wrong - MicroAnthology Sale

All right, so I was a little premature in declaring my Micro Anthology story rejected. Tonight I got an email from David Kopaska-Merkel that he was accepting my short-short "Start Spreading the News" for the fantasy section of the book. Fabulous. Now all they need is a publisher, and I'll start getting excited.

Incidentally, I was wondering if anyone happened to know of a good source (print, web, person, whatever) for identifying oriental weaponry. I went to an auction over the weekend and bought what appears to be a Chinese sword (either a Gim or a Jian, not sure which). I've got no illusions that it's really old (part of the hilt is held on with your basic threaded nut and bolt), but it doesn't look like a reproduction or a movie prop. More like something ceremonial from the 19th or early 20th century. Hilt and scabbard are mahogany and brass, and the blade is interestingly engraved with patterns and Chinese characters. I'll be happy to provide some pictures if anyone is interested or has any ideas about what it could be. It's definitely a wallhanger, though.

November 05, 2000

Pushed Back From The Edge

Another email rejection, this time at 17 days from The Edge. Suddenly things are picking up.

November 04, 2000

Speedy No from MicroAnthology

Ah, a 2 day email rejection from the editors of the MicroAnthology, a project that gained steam out of the Speculations rumor mill.

November 02, 2000

Hey, Mailman, Over Here!

Boy, and I was doing so well, too. Every couple days, something in the mail. Now all of a sudden, nada. And after you took the time to come check up on me. I feel like I've got to give you something for your money. So how about this: Pick up your phone and dial this number (1-800-888-3999). Don't worry, it's a free call (unless you're dialing in from out of country, in which case, I have no idea what it'd cost). You'll get one of those voice menu things for a company (and it's a real company, I believe). Listen to the options, and be sure you're paying attention when they get to choice 7. Go ahead and select it, even, and see what you get. Why they did this, I'm not sure. But I'd be willing to bet they're getting a lot of calls these days...