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What's Up?

Answer: not too damn much. Summer has officially come and gone, which includes Atlanta's remarkable heat. I also caught a cold, embarrassingly enough, when the average temperature dropped twenty degrees. Stupid immune system, how dare it be caught completely off-guard. I've finally finished painting our six new bookshelves (two 7'x2', two 6'x2', two 6'x3'). Two coats each, semi-gloss white. My free time has been eaten alive by two things: looking for a new day job that pays a rate capable of paying my painfully numerous debts, and playing a new (well, new for me) computer game, Baldur's Gate. Fun game, and it got in the way of the job search so much I had to quit playing it until I'm a salaryman again. Sigh. I've not written much fiction to speak of, although last week I did manage to finish a new draft of a story I'd been meaning to rewrite for a while. Now I need to go over it again one more time and send it back out. It isn't like I haven't written anything, however. At last count, I'm up to thirty-five cover letters, six resume types, and a handful of miscellaneous job applications forms. Whoopee.