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September 16, 2000

Black Gate Follows Through

After a slight delay (two months, actually), Black Gate sends me their countersigned contracts and the check for my story, "Three Nights in Big Rock City." Someone pointed out to me the other day that I'm doing this (writing) because it's my passion. True. But the cash is nice, too.

September 14, 2000

Neverworlds Coughs Up the Cash

Ah, sweet sweet money! Today the mail brings my payment from Neverworlds, a little late but always appreciated. Even better, I didn't have to use my query letter. For those of you unfamiliar with them (I'm sure there must be a couple of you), query letters are useful for getting information from magazine lackeys. They being busy with their own lives, they can't always find the time to get back to us writers with such mundane details as whether or not the story was accepted, where the check is, and if the court order specified 100 feet or 100 yards minimum distance at all times. Here's the one I favor most often:

Dear Capitalist Pig-Dog:
Send the bucks or else.
Love, Gonzo
You'd be suprised at what kind of reaction you get with this.

September 13, 2000

What's Up?

Answer: not too damn much. Summer has officially come and gone, which includes Atlanta's remarkable heat. I also caught a cold, embarrassingly enough, when the average temperature dropped twenty degrees. Stupid immune system, how dare it be caught completely off-guard. I've finally finished painting our six new bookshelves (two 7'x2', two 6'x2', two 6'x3'). Two coats each, semi-gloss white. My free time has been eaten alive by two things: looking for a new day job that pays a rate capable of paying my painfully numerous debts, and playing a new (well, new for me) computer game, Baldur's Gate. Fun game, and it got in the way of the job search so much I had to quit playing it until I'm a salaryman again. Sigh. I've not written much fiction to speak of, although last week I did manage to finish a new draft of a story I'd been meaning to rewrite for a while. Now I need to go over it again one more time and send it back out. It isn't like I haven't written anything, however. At last count, I'm up to thirty-five cover letters, six resume types, and a handful of miscellaneous job applications forms. Whoopee.