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Noodling Around

Not much happening at the moment. Got the word that Neverworlds is going to be putting up their new issue fairly soon, and that it'll include my story "When the Bear Came." Woo! A long time ago, when I first started writing professionally (or as professional as one can manage without having sold anything), I set up a filing system very similar to the one demonstrated in De Camp & De Camp's Science Fiction Handbook, Revised (long out of print, alas). For a long time, that story was listed as Pending (such a nice word to describe a literary limbo, don't you think?). However, as thrilling as it is for a story to move from Pending to Accepted, it's always nice to see stuff move from Accepted to Published. I've had too many magazines crash on me to think acceptance is the final step. After that, some move into the Reprinted category, but most soon take up residence in the Forgotten section. Of course, after I die, they all be reunited in the Collected Works section What happens after that, you ask? How should I know? Remember, I'm dead.

Hm. Isn't that a bit depressing? Never mind, I'm off.