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Pass From Talebones

An eight day email rejection from Talebones, saying they don't take holiday fiction. It wasn't really a holiday story (although it was set around then), but it could be construed that way. Fooey. Oh, and he also got the title wrong. Gotta love cut and paste rejection notes. Interestingly enough, I rather liked the sound of the other's title. Hmm.

There's little else to report in my life at this point. The movers came and picked up our emptied boxes from our porch, so I once again have room to paint bookshelves on. Had a job interview this past week -- I'll tell you how it comes out once I know anything myself. Still haven't taken back up with the writing since the move, but I've got a story I finished just before the computer went in the box that I need to revise. Wrote it for an anthology with a submission deadline of August 1st, and I really want to get it ready. So...