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July 30, 2000

No News...

...Is no news, period. T'ain't much going on here, I must say. Saw the ending to The X-Men the other day, thank goodness. Went to see What Lies Beneath (which is much more Pfeiffer's show than Ford's, by the way), and after it was over we just went next door and found a couple empty seats. Ah, closure. I continue to buy books at a too-rapid pace. Most recent purchases are the NESFA edition of The Compleat Boucher, Gene Wolfe's The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories (no, that isn't a misprint), and Mike Resnick's Will the Last Person to Leave the Planet Please Shut Off the Sun? About a third of the way through the Boucher collection, and I'm finding it very interesting. The stories all date back to the 40's and 50's, and reading them is like looking back at a simpler time for writers. Martians and Venusians are pretty common aliens, be they tentacled BEMs or no. Nowadays thanks to NASA we're pretty sure there's no one else in the immediate vicinity, so any aliens needed for plot purposes have to travel a lot farther to get here. Therefore, they'd better have a damn good reason...

July 23, 2000

Darkling Plain Rejection

Two rejections in two days. Wow. This one an 81 day email rejection from Darkling Plain. Very courteous (got my name right and everything), saying he liked the imagery of this short-short but not enough to buy it. Isn't that always the case?

"Hey, I liked what you did here."
"Well, not enough to give you money for it, but I still liked it."

July 22, 2000

Pass From Talebones

An eight day email rejection from Talebones, saying they don't take holiday fiction. It wasn't really a holiday story (although it was set around then), but it could be construed that way. Fooey. Oh, and he also got the title wrong. Gotta love cut and paste rejection notes. Interestingly enough, I rather liked the sound of the other's title. Hmm.

There's little else to report in my life at this point. The movers came and picked up our emptied boxes from our porch, so I once again have room to paint bookshelves on. Had a job interview this past week -- I'll tell you how it comes out once I know anything myself. Still haven't taken back up with the writing since the move, but I've got a story I finished just before the computer went in the box that I need to revise. Wrote it for an anthology with a submission deadline of August 1st, and I really want to get it ready. So...

July 17, 2000

Sale To Black Gate

Hoo! This afternoon I got email from Dave Truesdale that he's buying my story, "Three Nights in Big Rock City" for Black Gate Magazine (a new fantasy magazine set to debut at WFC in October). I'd originally sold this story a year ago to Pulp Eternity, only to watch the magazine flameout. Now, I've sold it again for twice as much money. A fair trade, methinks...

July 11, 2000

Here I Am in the Land of Cotton

Well, it's been a painful three weeks, but here we be, sitting in our new place in Marietta, Georgia. Note the time dilation here: I'm actually writing this Monday eve. I've not got my new internet connection yet, but don't feel much like waiting until the software comes in the mail to get going. Our new cable company doesn't offer cable modem access in our area yet (boo!), so we'll have to start using the built-in 56k modem (double boo!). Ah, back to the days of the World Wide Wait. This is gonna be hard, I can tell. How did the trip go, you ask? As Joe Friday says, just the facts.

  • Miles traveled: 956

  • Miles traveled while it rained: 420

  • Number of times I wished our car had forward-mounted rocket launchers, so I could take out the idiot driving in front of me: 5 (and 4 of those were on the first day)

  • Number of cats in car: 4

  • Number of cats dancing on my head in the hotel room in Paducah: 1 (Andy)

  • Nights spent in in-laws' house: 5

  • Nights spent sleeping on an air mattress, waiting for our stuff to arrive via the movers: 10
That should pretty much sum it up. It's been a painful three weeks (in which I haven't written a single word). Got one return in the mail since we've been here, a blue form from Realms of Fantasy. Lisa's started work (so far, so good), and I've got an interview next week (which leaves me plenty of time to take care of other details around the house, such as unpacking). With luck, things'll work out. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go wait in line at the DMV for my driver's license.