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Anthology Arrives

In the mail today, my copy of the Such a Pretty Face arrived. Wow...even holding it in my hand I still have trouble realizing it's a real book. With pages and everything! Now that's cool. Now I can read what fellow NAWer Paula wrote (hi Paula! Kick ass at Clarion, you and Linda both!).

Oh, and if some of you have noticed that this page (and others) load a little faster, it's because I finally got around to optimizing my various graphics for the web. Some of my pics date back to the mid-90's (which should tell you how long I've been knocking around on the web) and jpg compression algorithms have come a long way since then. God bless you, Photoshop 5.5.

Later: Ah, appearing along with the book is the inevitable review at Tangent. I rather enjoy Tangent's reviews, actually. They make a point of going through and looking at each individual story, rather other reviewers that gloss over the ones that aren't exceptionally good or bad, or written by a Big Name. Mind you, in an anthology this size, that doesn't mean they have a lot of space to devote to each story. My story gets four lines, two of which are plot summary and one's a genre classification. The surviving sentence is rather interesting:

[The SF element] is a thoroughly absurd idea, but in the context of a character exploration it works in a nicely metaphorical way.
I'll take that as a complement. Go take a look at the rest of the review and see how the rest of them stand up. Then go buy the book and let me know what you think.