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June 21, 2000

Goodbye For Now

Well, I'm going offline for a little while-- not by choice. The cable modem belongs to the local utilities, so we're going to have to give it back. Worse yet, our new place doesn't have cable modem access yet (shock! horror!), although they claim our area will have it within the year. So we're going to have make other arrangements until then. Don't expect any posted updates here for at least a week, more likely two. Yes, I know there've been stretches when I've gone longer than that without posting, but I was on vacation those times and I didn't want people to know I was out of town. They might've gotten the bright idea of visiting the place and helping themselves to a few things. Until then...

June 19, 2000

"You'll Get My Laptop When You Pry It From My Cold Dead Fingers!"

Well, Lisa's office is now cleaned out (and we now have ten more boxes and a torchier lamp added to the moving pile). She doesn't seem too keen on returning the G3. Sigh. Bonding. Now we'll have to buy one of the damn things, I can just tell. This evening some folks from the department had a small fare-thee-well party for us, which was lowkey but relaxing (just what we needed). It was a very nice gesture (thanks, Leigh!) and I thot a lovely time was had by all. Saying goodbye is never easy, and while there are some things I won't miss about Iowa, I can say I'll miss the people.

No, no returns. What can I say? Felt like posting.

June 15, 2000

Moving Is Such Sweet Sorrow

The moving proceeds apace: this afternoon a man from a moving company will be by to eye our possessions and see how much crap we have. Estimated date of departure is sometime next week, and packing (on our part) has ground to a halt. The movers are going to do it for us. This is an exciting and strangely relaxing thing, as we don't have to pay for it. That's right, sports fans. Lisa got a job (doing high-tech cybergeek type stuff) and her new company's paying for our move. Hee hee! Where's she going to be working, you ask? A hint: think orange.

Oh, here's a link that might amuse those of you unfamiliar with America's Heartland: all that I'm leaving behind.

June 11, 2000

Happy Birthday

Birthday wishes to my sweetie, Lisa! No, it's none of your business how old she is. But you can always congratulate her yourself.

June 10, 2000

I Hear From Paper-Conscious Fantastic

A 38 day form rejection from Fantastic Stories (the newly retitled Pirate Writings). I think the editor there is highly concerned about paper waste - the rejection is a slip of paper about an inch and a half high.

In the impending move, things are starting to look good on the job front. While I'm not revealing details out here in CyberLand (not yet, anyway), Lisa's got something in the works that is extremely promising. Me? Still nada, but I remain ever hopeful. Meanwhile, we're slowly converting our house into a warehouse. Boxes everywhere.

June 07, 2000

Rejection From Talebones

A 19 day email rejection from Talebones (my longest hangtime with him yet). Called it "interesting".

June 05, 2000

Anthology Arrives

In the mail today, my copy of the Such a Pretty Face arrived. Wow...even holding it in my hand I still have trouble realizing it's a real book. With pages and everything! Now that's cool. Now I can read what fellow NAWer Paula wrote (hi Paula! Kick ass at Clarion, you and Linda both!).

Oh, and if some of you have noticed that this page (and others) load a little faster, it's because I finally got around to optimizing my various graphics for the web. Some of my pics date back to the mid-90's (which should tell you how long I've been knocking around on the web) and jpg compression algorithms have come a long way since then. God bless you, Photoshop 5.5.

Later: Ah, appearing along with the book is the inevitable review at Tangent. I rather enjoy Tangent's reviews, actually. They make a point of going through and looking at each individual story, rather other reviewers that gloss over the ones that aren't exceptionally good or bad, or written by a Big Name. Mind you, in an anthology this size, that doesn't mean they have a lot of space to devote to each story. My story gets four lines, two of which are plot summary and one's a genre classification. The surviving sentence is rather interesting:

[The SF element] is a thoroughly absurd idea, but in the context of a character exploration it works in a nicely metaphorical way.
I'll take that as a complement. Go take a look at the rest of the review and see how the rest of them stand up. Then go buy the book and let me know what you think.

June 03, 2000

Postcards From the Pulpy Edge

Sorting through things for the move in a few weeks - got all the books packed (yay!), but we also sold some old furniture, including (most of) the bookshelves (boo!) - and came across a pile of postcards we've picked up in recent trips, postcards and maps being the two things I buy when visiting a strange place. As I sorted through them, I found several postcards I'd bought in Boston. Not old buildings or touristy sites, no! These feature book and magazine covers of the pulpy literary past, titles such as The Leather Girls, For Your Sighs Only, and Super Science Fiction. I'd bought four or five of the spec fic cards (see if you can guess which ones), but they've got several hundred to choose from. Go take a look at Pulp Fiction Postcards and have a chuckle.