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Weirdness, Part II

Wow, two oddities in two days. This morning we gathered up cats for the yearly trip to the vet (the original three). We left a little before 10am, and got back at 10:35am. When we came back, we discovered a wrecker and four cop cars blocking off the street, and a wrecked SUV sitting half in our yard. The SUV was speeding and somebody pulled out, t-boned the SUV, and it rolled over. You can see the scars on the asphalt where it rolled, and if we hadn't been gone to the vet, it would've smeared our car (we park our car right where those scars are).

Whoo, freaky. Even freakier is that if I hadn't taken care of the Mysteriously Appearing Cannabis yesterday, the cops crawling over our yard probably would've noticed it today. My, that might've been awkward...