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Pulp Eternity Breaks My Heart; Pieces Weep For MZBFM

Got a letter today from Steve Algieri, editor of Pulp Eternity. Basically he says that he's returning the rights to my story since they won't be publishing it. They're changing from a regular magazine to a combined print-chapbook along with an online magazine. Either way, however, they're going to be publishing shorter fiction. My story, "Three Nights in Big Rock City," was about 4600 words (which is medium-longish for a short story), so he's going to have to let it go. He was very apologetic and I'm glad he said something up front without letting me wonder. Very professional, I think, but still: crapcakes.

Later: And now, the other shoe drops. An announcement that Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine will be closing down with issue 50. I'm not surprised, somehow, but it's still a shock. They've still got a story of mine to publish - hope they make it.

Geez, I'm depressed now. I'm going to bed. Hopefully I won't wake up until the future looks brighter. And if that doesn't happen soon, at least I'll get my rest.