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More Proof I'm Old

Well, this week was my last week as an adjunct professor: I turned in the grades for my class Friday. Ah, sweet terrible unemployment. On the other hand, I'd have to say that teaching college has altered me in an odd way, perhaps not for the better. Lisa and I went to see Gladiator this afternoon (fine movie, by the way, for all its liberties with actual Roman history). As we're sitting there, a preview for Road Trip comes on. Not familiar with the movie? It's that thing with Tom Green they keep pushing like crack on the tube: college kids take a road trip to prevent a sex movie featuring one of the kids from falling into his girlfriend's hands. You know, good clean fun. Now, I know I'm not the target audience for that movie, and haven't been for years. But as I was sitting there, watching the promise of gross humor and scantily clad starlets, a phrase came to mind. Not "oh, that looks interesting," or "sheesh, how juvenile". No, it was simple advice for the college heroes: Get To Class.

I think I'm getting out of teaching just in time.