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Pardon Me, Is This My Universe Or Did I Miss a Turn?

Well, in the interests of moving things along out there in Editorland, I sent out a couple query emails and a snailmail to various folks, saying if they'd had a chance to decide on my stuff or if it'd gotten lost in the mail. Got an email from one this afternoon, saying his co-editor needs to get moving. All well and good, but what had happened yesterday startled me.

The other editor (oh hell, I'll name him: Robert Stephenson of Altair Magazine) wrote me back yesterday morning (my time) and said he hasn't got it and his first reader doesn't have it. Drat, methinks, lost in the mail. But Robert says go ahead and email it to me. Very nice of him, since he doesn't have to do that. I pack it up and shoot it that way. Couple hours later it comes back. Robert's read it all to the end, provided specific notes on where it didn't work for him and why, with an executive summary at the end. You could've knocked me over with a feather. The man is a class act, and I hearby proclaim him the finest editor in all the land.