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Well, no returns still. Editors must be out enjoying the spring air. Not that this spring has been consistent: it snowed like crazy a few days ago, the little flakes moving along nearly horizontally, blown by those Dorothy-to-Oz-like winds so common this time of year. It melted by the next day, but still.

About the only other mail event of note was a mysterious package that arrived on my doorstep Thursday. At first I thought it was a package from Amazon (we'd ordered a few things from them), then perhaps it was a box of money from Anonymous Stranger (an in-joke with Lisa). So, I opened it up. Inside was no note, just three hardback books: A Deepness in the Sky, The Cassini Division, and Starlight 2. Then I realized what it was: a gift from Tor Publishing for the Nebulas. The first two are up for best novel, the last has a novella in it that's been nominated. And Tor, out of the kindness of their corporate heart, decided to send me copies so that I could read them in time to vote on them. How sweet. As it turned out, they were a little late. I'd already mailed back my ballot.