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Changes And Free Publicity

Well, some things are winding down in my life (finally). This past Wednesday was the last day of class. I've got a dozen and a half group papers to grade, then we'll release the grades to the kids electronically so they can see what they've earned. Then it's all over but the whining.

We've made a few more moves towards becoming even more digital: bought a CD-ROM RW Drive (already burned a few audio mixes), and we've also purchased a domain name all of two days ago. This site is more Lisa's than mine (she wanted it as a tool for marketing herself professionally), but I've got space on there too. It'll remain ours as long as we pay the fees, and we'll be able to move to Atlanta without worrying about site loss (the cfu site is the city public utilities' server). At the moment it's heavily underdeveloped, and my section is nothing more than a mirror of the pages.cfu.net site. But don't worry, I'll redecorate soon enough. If you're curious, we can now be found at http://www.logicalcreativity.com. Nice name, eh? I can't believe no one else already owned it.

And finally, I discovered another marketing tool that looks quite interesting: Amazon.com has an online interview they provide for any author that wants to fill one out. I'm not sure what their minimum standards are for the interview to qualify (I'm thinking a book or publication in one), but it still looks interesting. Take a look at their Author Interview form.