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Back From Other Worlds

Hello, I'm back, finally. Got back from Europe Saturday. Have a lovely time, thanks for asking. Caught a cold thanks to the Dutch insistence on riding bicycles everywhere, even in the rain in 40 degree weather. My sleep patterns are also completely screwed up now, thanks to jetlag and time differential - I'm crashing hard at 9:30pm(!) and waking up at 4am, wide awake and ready to go. This goes against everything I believe in, but it might prove useful when Daylight Savings kicks in, so I'm not complaining too much. After that I've been catching up on work - I and my two fellow instructors graded no less than 720 assignments in three days, just so we could return them to the students on Wednesday. It seemed fair - they'd turned them in about a month ago, and some of them were starting to grumble.

I've heard from some of you who requested postcards that you did indeed get them (whew!). Those of you who requested cards from Poland (and you know who you are) haven't gotten them yet, I'm sure, since Poland was the last place on the trip and it seems to take anywhere from two weeks to a couple months for something to make it out of there. We'll see.

The mail front is, as always, slow. But I did get some good news: I sold some poetry to Electric Wine (they'll appear in July), got a rewrite request from Planet Relish (my first such request), and most startling of all, a thoughtful handwritten rejection from Interzone, with commentary on what worked and what didn't. Foo!

So, that's it. What's up with you?