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Defiance Of Reality

When I was younger (pre-College) I read a lot. I could usually finish a book within a day of buying it, partially because I read fast, but also because I had no other demands on my time. Now that I'm married, have a fulltime job, and am attempting to get a writing career of my own off the ground, it's pretty clear to me that I don't have the time to read all the books I buy. I've got a bookshelf beside my easy chair holding them; a quick count reveals there are fifty-two books there, plus another three short story collections upstairs on my bedside table that I'm rotating through as my mood strikes me. So what do I do? Why, go to the local library's booksale fundraiser, what else? I'm unable to resist the lure of good books on the cheap. If you're curious, here's what I bought. My personal fiction library has now broken the 1,000 book mark. Ack.