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February 29, 2000

Talebones Return

A one week return from Talebones - very complementary, but subject matter (angels) a hard sell for him. Oh well.

Although you'd never know it, I've been out of town for a few days. Went to Boston for a couple days, and had a lovely time. Boston is a cool and intriguing city. Very European, what with the narrow streets and such. Tons of bookstores, too. For those of you who know the main purpose of my trip, I'll say that I think it went well, but I won't hear back until the end of March. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about...well, too bad. :-) (Yes, I'm being mysterious here, but I don't want to jinx things. Call me superstitious. Or call me Ishmael).

February 22, 2000

Twin Killing

They go out together, they come back together: two, count 'em two thirteen day rejections, one a short personal from Brutarian (called it 'intriguing') and the other an 'Alas' from F&SF.

February 19, 2000

Defiance Of Reality

When I was younger (pre-College) I read a lot. I could usually finish a book within a day of buying it, partially because I read fast, but also because I had no other demands on my time. Now that I'm married, have a fulltime job, and am attempting to get a writing career of my own off the ground, it's pretty clear to me that I don't have the time to read all the books I buy. I've got a bookshelf beside my easy chair holding them; a quick count reveals there are fifty-two books there, plus another three short story collections upstairs on my bedside table that I'm rotating through as my mood strikes me. So what do I do? Why, go to the local library's booksale fundraiser, what else? I'm unable to resist the lure of good books on the cheap. If you're curious, here's what I bought. My personal fiction library has now broken the 1,000 book mark. Ack.

February 15, 2000


No returns still - what can I say? I don't get mail, I don't post. A simple life, really. But the mail did bring me something fun today: my membership package for active membership in SFWA! My regional director is our own Linda (hi Linda!) They sent me all kind of interesting stuff, including directions on the secret handshake. Hee hee! I know it's an odd thing to get excited about, since it doesn't make me a writer anymore than owning a typewriter or living in Paris or having an agent. However, it just makes me feel like a writer. Besides, now I can look forward to being added to a number of exciting mailing lists (whoo, you should see some of the mail I've gotten since I joined ALA and listed an interest in technology - a full-color glossy from a publisher advertising a new resource, The Dictionary of Concrete. I kid you not).

February 11, 2000

Electric Wine Passes

A fortnight emailed rejection from the ezine Electric Wine for a couple of poems. From the words on the note I learn that they didn't think them strongly genre enough (honest).

February 10, 2000

Such A Pretty Galley

Today in the mail came the galleys for my story "Eater," to be published in Such A Pretty Face, an anthology from Meisha Merlin Press. G'wan, follow the links. The book's cover art is kinda cool looking...

Later: Heard the news that Science Fiction Age is folding. To quote the Simpsons, "Well, isn't that the suckiest suck that ever sucked a suck." Hell and damnation. And to think I mailed them my check to resubscribe a couple weeks ago.

February 09, 2000

Planet Relish Doesn't

A 12 day email rejection from Planet Relish. Simply stated, the ending's weak. I knew that. It's supposed to be weak, yeah, that's the ticket...

February 07, 2000

Rejection From Analog

Last night got an email from a college bud I've not seen (or heard from) in a few years. Hi Charles! Glad to see you're still alive! Keep writing, dammit!

In the mail this morning came a 35 day form rejection from Analog, implying my tale might've been bounced because it wasn't formatted properly. Ack. I'm guessing these days I'm not getting past the first reader. Hard science fiction, that's what I need. Hmm. Where's that bag of concrete mix?...

February 06, 2000

Easy Go, Easy Come...Or Something Like That

Today the email gods bring two responses: a 12 day personal rejection from Altair (and a new contender for my nicest rejection ever), and a 124 day acceptance from Nightscapes, an ezine. They're a non-paying (sigh) market for Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos stories, which I truly love. Unfortunately, nine out of every ten horror/weird fiction markets out there have a big NO slapped on their guidelines for that sort of thing. The ones that didn't turned this one down. Truly a labor of love. Maybe I can get it reprinted in another market if ever I make the Big Time (tm).

February 04, 2000

Still Unable To Grip F&SF

A 10 day "didn't grab me" rejection from Mr. Van Gelder (or is Mr. Gelder? I'm suddenly unsure). C'est la vie. Little else to report, at this point. Not that things aren't happening, but I can't tell you about them. Maybe later, when the results are more certain (and permanent).