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Talebones Rejection

A 7 day personal rejection via email from Mr. Swenson. Liked the writing (I know, 'cuz he said so) but the story didn't grab him. This 'pears to be a common remark from the editors that bother to comment before stuffing the rejection slip back in the envelope, and one that, frankly, I'm getting damn tired of. Part of the problem is it's so non-specific. Does it mean that there's a problem with:

  • the technical part of the writing? Am I too heavy with passive verbs, too many parasitic adverbs hanging onto the verbs, dragging them down, or something of that ilk?

  • the writing itself? Do my descriptions lack flair or are they too long? Am I not choosing the correct words to clearly draw the picture in the reader's head?

  • some aspect of the story? The plot, the characters, the setting, the speculative idea, are one or more of these lacking somehow?

  • or is there nothing particularly wrong with my work, save that it isn't exceptional and that'd be just fine if my name was Harlan Ellison or Howard Waldrop or Paul Di Filippo (no judgements implied about these guys or their work, let me assure you, I love their stuff)?
In short, what's the deal? Anyone got an opinion they'd care to share? Anyone seen my bottle of Mountain Dew?

Oh, and incidentally, I've only had three takers for the postcard offer, so if anyone else is interested, speak up now. This page doesn't get the high foot traffic you see on so many other sites, so it's not like you're wasting your time asking.