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I Make You An Offer You, Well, May Refuse

Not much going on, writing-wise. About the only thing I've heard lately is that a story of mine made the first cut at a (paying) ezine, so I'm waiting to hear about that.

In a few (read here, I'm not telling you exactly) weeks I'll be off to Europe. Four countries (Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland) in three weeks, with a couple others being passed through as we go (France, Belgium). The first five people who email me a mailing address before February 29th will receive a postcard, purchased, stamped, postmarked, and mailed out from one of those countries. You can request a particular country of origin, but I'm not making any promises on that, due to potential scheduling problems. No salesmen or mooching writers will call at your door. All information provided will remain confidential. Decisions of the judge (me) remain final unless I receive a strongly worded note from my mother. Note: this offer is (most likely) bound to appeal to my (most likely) American audience. For you Eurofolks, my alternate offer is a postcard from Cedar Falls, Iowa in the States. Hey, don't knock it. It's a different world here in the heartland. So. Any takers? I'll be waiting.