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Godlike, I Stride Across The 'Net

Well, after four years of steady use and abuse, we've replaced our computer. Once it was cutting edge and the envy of our geek friends; now it is ancient and slightly confining, like a suit you bought eight years and twenty pounds ago. It's been giving us a number of problems (CD-ROM drive's broken, hard drive's too small, certain software programs crash on a regular basis), so we've decided to retire it. Saved up our money and splurged a little. We're now the proud owners of a graphite iMac DV Special Edition, and it kicks ass, both singularly and collectively. Processor of fabulous swiftness, a ton of ram, a hard drive large enough to hold thirteen of our old computers, and all taking up as much room as a monitor. Plus, I can see inside it to where the computer parts are. Aaahh. I'm so pleased. Yes, this does little to help my writing, but it does improve my morale. Bow down before me! Moohahahahahah!

In writing news, I also received an 8 day email rejection from Talebones. Drat. There goes my high...

Our New Baby

Our new machine, Gandalf.