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The Machine Is Dead

Updates here, spotty as they've been in the past, may become even spottier. Our computer at home has died. Simply stated, you press the power button and nothing happens. Kind of hard to get past that. :) I've still got a laptop from work which I'm using for my writing and such, and by a happy coincidence I backed everything up the day before it quit. But still, things posted here (mostly manuscript responses) may be a day or three late until we can either have the machine resurrected or replaced. The second is more likely: it's a Mac clone, a PowerCurve 601/120, dating from the brief but heady time when Apple thought allowing clones to come on the market would be a good thing. We bought it for 3 grand, a near top of the line (at the time) for substantially less money than the equivalent Apple version would've cost us. For six months we were the envy of all our geek friends... Now we can get a much better machine for much less money, and we make a lot more money now, being out of school and all. So that might be the way we'll go. I'll keep you posted.