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Life Returns To Normal

Our Polish visitors have departed; I saw their plane vanish into the Wild Blue Yonder, off to Chicago for their connecting flight. I am both sad (they turned out to be a lot of fun) and happy to see them leave (now we can get some laundry done). If you're at all curious, one of our grad students put up a web album of digital pictures. I'm in a few:

  • me, driving the lot of them to Cedar Rapids for sightseeing and shopping. Yes, I look oddly processed, but note the typical Iowa countryside visible in the background.
  • me listening to Adda (one of the students) explain her major: educating reform school kids. As part of her studies, she visits prisons to interview the inmates. Because of this, she's also studying kickboxing. Ouch.
  • me, wondering why in God's name a picture of this is being taken.
If you're aggressively curious, the complete site is at http://edtech2.coe.uni.edu/polish (Warning: contains many many thumbnails, so you with the slower connection speeds, go get a cup of coffee while the site loads). Now, as a reward, this afternoon I'm planning on seeing The World is Not Enough, and maybe tomorrow Sleepy Hollow. I'm psyched; both of 'em got really good reviews from a number of places.