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October 31, 1999

Happy Halloween

Well, last night the trick or treaters came by. Like Ron said, the Midwest is a place where that sort of fol-dee-rol is disapproved of on Sunday nights, so last night was the big night. Carved three jack'o'lanterns (one Picasso style). Handed out candy to about forty kids (had to run to the store halfway through to reload). Now all that's left to do this night is watch the Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror episodes and go read some Lovecraft. Ah, I love this time of year.

October 30, 1999

Beggar's Night Twofer

Rejections from SF Age and Fantasy & Science Fiction, both clocking in at eight days. Ouch!

October 21, 1999

SF Age Reject

A fourteen day standard form rejection from SF Age, lord of the pay rates. Also, I got a manuscript returned from Spaceways Weekly stamped address unknown. Hmm. Ought to check on the listing...

October 20, 1999

Glimmer Train Pass

A fifteen day return from Glimmer Train.

October 19, 1999

Back From The Magic Kingdom

Sorry for my absence; I had the honor of attending my brother in law's wedding. At Disney World. Shocking, but true. The man and his new bride are dyed in the wool Disney fanatics. The wedding was lovely (pictures to follow as soon as we get 'em organized). The weather was rainy but coolish, and the near-miss by Hurricane Irene did wonders to keep the crowds down. Rides with waits that would normally be two hours only took ten minutes. Huzzah! In weird syncronicity news, I just found out that Ron took his family to Disney that exact same weekend. Creepy. Didn't see him, but hey, it's a big place. Hope they're having a good time. We certainly did. While we were gone, I got rejections from Realms of Fantasy and Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

October 09, 1999

Rejection And Contract

Today the mail brings the good and the bad of writing. The bad was a 50 day rejection slip from Pirate Writings, the good was the long awaited contracts from Dark Regions. I've also spent the last two days flashing back to my youth, when I was a dyed-in-the-wool gamer: simply stated, I bought the Dragon Magazine cd-rom archive. Despite the controversy it's raised (as well as my hope that the various writers planning on suing Wizards for copyright infringement succeed), I'm happy I bought it. I feel like I'm fifteen again, and it's kind of cool to read stories from issues back in the early 80's and find out they were written by Joel Rosenberg or Lawrence Watt-Evans or Harry Turtledove or Lois Tilton.

October 05, 1999

Vampire Dan Says No

A 98 day email rejection from Vampire Dan. He's not dead, I'm guessing, tho' he did apologize for the delay in responding.

October 01, 1999

Reject From F&SF

Today the mail brings a 7 day refusal from Fantasy & Science Fiction. Instead of saying it failed to grab him, he mentions he liked the narrative voice but didn't think much of the plot. Actual feedback! Oh, the shock and the horror!