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Dragonlaugh Pub

No, I haven't died. It's been a slow week in the response department. There've been things going on in my life, mind you. My story, "The Homecoming of Grimwolf the Fierce," recently came out in the August issue of Dragonlaugh. It's not particularly high fantasy, but I rather enjoyed it. Take a look if you get the chance.

Lessee, I've also started working again (one day a week, but it's a long day and I spend the rest of the week recovering/prepping for next week). I also heard from an old friend from my undergrad days at UGA (hi Darren! I'll email you soon, I swear!).

Finally, SFF.net just released The Age of Reason, an anthology of original science fiction. Oh, sure, I'm not in there, but it does include a few NAWers and NAW related talents: Vera, Lisa, Diana, and of course, Kurt. Pick up a copy, won't you?