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In case you're wondering where I've been, I, Lisa, my brother, and my parents went on ten days vacation in the mining Black Hills of South Dakota (and parts surrounding), home of Rocky Raccoon. Oh, the things we did. A sampling includes:

  • Visiting De Smet, SD, the Little Town on the Prairie and home of Laura Ingalls Wilder

  • Eating popcorn at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD

  • Souvenir acquisition at Wall Drug (including my purchase, a replica 1856 Volcanic Repeater pistol. Very funky)

  • Gaping at the weird and unearthly landscape of the Badlands, and getting a suntan in the process

  • Taking pictures of very, very large carvings. In this case, Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument (which is still being created, but damn impressive all the same)

  • Driving through Spearfish Canyon, not far from the Lown House, the B&B we stayed in for much of our stay.

  • Jockeying the nickle slot machines in Deadwood, SD

  • Photographing the buffalo in Custer National Park

  • Looking at the mammoth excavation site in Hot Springs, SD

  • Peering down (and down) into the Home Stake gold mining pit in Lead, SD

  • Gazing up (and up and up) at the Devil's Tower in Wyoming

  • Driving across the Montana state line, just so we could say we'd been there

  • Stretching our credit cards to new and exciting lengths at the Mall of America

  • Doing more damage to the credit line at DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis. My new favorite bookstore, edging out The Stars My Destination in Chicago. Damn shame it be a four hour drive away.
In writing news, I returned to find four letters to myself: form rejections from Aboriginal Science Fiction, Science Fiction Age, Pirate Writings, and Playboy. Pooh.