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June 29, 1999

Letdown From Lore

A 69 day personal rejection from Lore: The Quarterly Digest of Maddening Fiction. While they thought the story interesting and amusing, they didn't think it right for their market. Hmm. P'raps it wasn't maddening enuf. At any rate, I'm now down to Four Overdue Editors, from the high of nine in mid-May.

June 25, 1999

Twin Killing

Today not one but two rejections: a 42 day note from Realms of Fantasy, the dreaded blue form; and a 10 day note from its sister publication, Science Fiction Age. Sigh. I have nothing else to report, really. The summer of writing is going smoothly. I'm finishing stories every so often. Not at a Clarion-like pace, mind you, but pretty often by my standards. In short, life is idyllic. This is a Good Thing for real life, but not so interesting to hear or read about. My only current flaw in the ointment is that I need to mow the lawn, which is hardly gripping news.

June 24, 1999

Glimmer Train Pass

An 84 day rejection from Glimmer Train. Form, but they did check the "show us more" box.

June 22, 1999

Email Rejection From Bonetree

A 69 day email rejection from Bonetree, for a reprint. Nice enough letter, and the editor did make some suggestions for other places I could send it.

June 19, 1999

F&SF Rejection

And down I come. A 9 day rejection from Fantasy and Science Fiction, saying it "didn't grab him." I swear, the man must coat himself in melted butter before he reads the slush pile.

June 18, 1999

Sale To MZB

After 150 days of waiting, today I receive an acceptance letter from Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, stating that my short story, "Conqueror," has been accepted for publication. This is my second sale to MZB, only four years after the first. It's a relatively short tale (1,100 words), so I'm getting paid 4 cents a word rather than the standard 3 cents. Yowza!

June 17, 1999

No From IF

Another 9 day, right-on-time-just-like-the-last-one rejection from Indigenous Fiction for another poem.

June 15, 1999

Talebones Rejection

A friendly 9 day email rejection from Talebones magazine for a trio of poems I sent him. One of them came pretty close, tho'. Only two other pieces of mail that interested me: my copy of The Encyclopedia of Fantasy (I already own The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction; can you tell I'm a reference librarian at heart?) from the Science Fiction Book Club (a nice hardback edition for less than the paperback). I also got a copy of the guidelines to Sword & Sorceress #18, which will now be by invitation only. Why am I getting this? I've been invited to submit! Caloo, calay! All right, maybe I'm a little worked up about this, but I've never been invited to submit to an anthology before. So excuse my burst of enthusiasm, I beseech you.

June 11, 1999

Congrats & Such

No writing news today (the Mail Deities lately have taken to frowning upon me, I fear), so instead I'd like to send out my best wishes to brave NAW Clarionheads Toby Buckell, Jenn Reese and John Sullivan. Also to non-NAWs Hilary Moon Murphy and Karen Meisner. On a more personal note, I'd also like to wish my darling wife Lisa a happy birthday. Tonight to celebrate we're going out to dinner, then to the opening night of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Whee!

June 10, 1999

Absolute Magnitude Rejection

A speedy 17 day rejection from Absolute Magnitude. "Nicely written but not for us." Their usual response.

June 05, 1999

Big Mail Day

All the birds are starting to come home to roost. Today in the mail I received a 12 day photocopy from Science Fiction Age (can someone tell Edelman they need to print a fresh batch of those, please?), a 9 day polite rejection from Indigenous Fiction for a couple of poems, and a 109 day rejection letter from Amazing. This last has to be one of the nicest rejection letter I've ever gotten. Editorial comments, flattering praise, etc. Left me all warm and glowing.

I also received a check and 3 contributor's copies from Writer's Block Magazine, for my short-short story, "The Wish." This is an old story, and I'm a little embarrassed to see it in print. Of course, they paid me, so I'll get over it.

June 02, 1999

Vampire Dan

A late night email from Vampire Dan's Story Emporium: A 63 day rejection of a batch of poems I'd sent him. Nothing else to report, except that I have a bad cold. That's about it.