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Expected Purchase, And Unexpected Gift

Well, today brought my shipment of free books from Wildside Press (see the March 2nd entry for details if you've forgotten). Fresh titles for my reading include: Bear's Fantasies, by Greg Bear; Swashbuckling Editor Stories, edited by John Betancourt; Slab's Tavern and Other Uncanny Places, by John Betancourt; and Alternate Skiffy, edited by Mike Resnick and Patrick Nielsen Hayden. Alternate Skiffy features a story by the NAW's own Linda J. Dunn, something I hadn't realized when I ordered it. The rest of it, Lord Dunsany's Ghosts of the Heaviside Layer and the reissuing of Barry Longyear's Science Fiction Writer's Workshop I, is on back order.

The mail also brought something I hadn't expected: a Christmas gift (many months delayed) from my brother-in-law Brian's fiance Brandy. Brandy lives in Louisiana, but she doesn't have our address in Iowa, so things get routed through Lisa's folks in Atlanta, so... Delayed, but still welcome: a $50 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble! Aw, she read my mind.

If it wasn't for that sort of thing coming in the mail, I'd swear someone unplugged my mailbox. Two, two I say, responses I've gotten this month. Who kidnapped the editors? Or do they just have Spring Fever?