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Analog, Dark Regions Rejections...And Acceptance!

Two nopes in the mail today, one a 33 day 'say-nothing' rejection from Analog (but they did type my name at the top, which I like), the other a 12 day friendly rejection from Dark Regions for a couple poems I sent them. Dark Regions has very good response times when it comes to poetry. With fiction, it isn't quite so impressive, but I believe they route fiction submissions through a couple editors before deciding. So.

Evening Update: After going to see The Mummy (rather amusing, and a snap to get into since Phantom Menace opened), I return home to find an email from Dark Regions. After 117 days of (barely semi-)patient waiting, I'm thrilled to say they've accepted my story, "What Price, My Brother?" for their all-fantasy issue coming out in December. Especially thrilled, because this story had originally been accepted by Troll Magazine (quick, raise your hand if you remember Troll - I know Kurt does) but they busted first. Ten other editors passed on it, most calling it too horrific for fantasy or too fantastic for horror. But now it'll see print after all. Hot damn!