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Happy Tax Day

No writing news at all today, as we got no mail at all. But I can't let Tax Day pass by without commenting. Frankly, I think Tax Day should be a holiday, like the Fourth of July or Martin Luther King Day (except the Post Office would have to stay open. Tough luck for them). People could have the day off and do one of two things: a) spend the day doing their taxes, or b) spend the day relaxing in the knowledge that they did their taxes. This year was the most enjoyable tax experience I've ever had. Why? For the first time ever, Lisa and I paid someone else to do them for us. Yes, it was (relatively) expensive. But it was worth every penny. We moved last year, so we had to file in two states. Lisa made some self-employment income in the range of a few thousand dollars, which requires extra unpleasant forms. And after many years of grad school poverty for us both, we've finally both got jobs and are making good money, which means we're now jammed up into a new nose-bleed tax bracket (relatively speaking). All this combined meant that it was worth it to drop off our W2s and other relevant info to some professional bean counter back in March. It allowed us to not have to worry about it anymore (except for writing the check at the end). Which left me a much more relaxed person, with more time to write (insert laugh of triumph here).